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This portfolio is divided in different categories meant to display the different styles of music I produce, as well as the services I provide. With of course a way to contact me if you're interested or have any questions.

Keep in mind that this Portfolio isn't fully finished just yet, meaning some categories might be unavailable or lack content for the time being. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.



Simply click on the category you're interested in!

In this section you’ll find short orchestral tracks meant to convey the feeling of classical orchestral music or modern orchestral music. It contains themes for areas, characters, and battle themes, each with different feels to them. The classical tracks that only use orchestral instruments will be labeled as “classic”, while the other more modern tracks that use instruments from other genres will be labeled “modern”.

In this section you’ll find short tracks meant to portray games with rather cute aesthetics. It contains themes for areas, characters and even some battle themes. The tracks you'll find in this section have a rather wide variety of feels to them, some being cute and soft for friends or areas, and others being shady and strange for enemies or foes.

In this section you’ll find short tracks, all quite intense with the two main genres of music being metal and modern orchestral which uses aggressive synths and percussions. It mostly contains battle themes, meant to portray a more aggressive and violent type of gameplay.

In this section you’ll find short tracks meant to convey the feeling of a band composed of only a few people playing live. It contains any kind of genre relating to rock, pop, blues, some tracks are soft and slow while others are faster and more intense, mostly sounding playful.

In this section you’ll find short tracks meant to convey the feeling of a jazz band playing live at a concert or at a bar. It contains jazz, big band, swing, and every other sub-genre that might have a similar “jazzy” feeling.

In this section you’ll find short tracks meant to convey a feeling of unease, or other negative feelings in relation to fright. It mostly contains 2 types of tracks, the first one being more musically inclined, while the other one having a more ambient approach.

In this section you’ll find short tracks meant to portray what the OST of an old arcade game would sound like.

hidden text, I just need to write somewhere that I'm shift-ml and that I'm a musician, a video game composer, because the site needs to hear those keywords, it's nothing important


Not finding what you're looking for ? ​

If you're looking for a very specific style of music or simply one that wasn't showcased here for your project, don't hesitate to contact me and ask me personally. I'll happily assist you and give you more info on anything I can, sometimes even giving free demos of specific styles I could make if you're hesitant about using my services!



This is the official making-off of Malo's "Obsession" photo series, which was made promoting one of Profoto's new products. And I was commissioned to make the official soundtrack for it.

I was commissioned to make the music for another making off of a photo series for a wedding.

I was commissioned to make a short industrial sounding music for one of the official ads presenting L'atelier Shelter's new product.



A single song


If you're looking for a single song, the price may vary depending on the genre you're looking for, and your own budget. while certain genres might be more expensive than others, my prices are very flexible and I don't mind working for less if your project looks promising. 

A full soundtrack


If you're looking for a full soundtrack, we'll have to discuss it through mail, discord or other platforms, to figure out the amount of tracks needed, the genres of said tracks, your budget, etc... to then figure out an appropriate price. 

I can and have worked for free under specific conditions if you don't have the budget to hire a composer. these conditions may vary, but:
- if you're working alone or with a few people only on an indie project
- if I'm personally invested in your project
- or if you're still a student

You can contact me and ask for a soundtrack free of charge. Of course, I might not always be able to help depending on the amount of projects I'll be working on. 




Discord: shift_ml

Reddit: shift-ml

Twitter: @shift_ml


Thanks for submitting!

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